Medical Tattooing is adding colour to the face and body anywhere that colour is missing from injury or trauma, post surgery or as an alternative to surgery.

The process involves implanting EU pharmaceutical medical grade, hypoallergenic pigments into the skin. It is not implant as deeply as regular tattoos, as colour adjustment and repositioning may be required in the future.

medical tattooing

Areas that can benefit from Medical Micropigmentation:

Nipple/areola pigmentation
Breast uplift/ reconstructive scars

Scars and Burns
Scar camouflage
Scar and burn contracture relaxation
Stretch Marks

Small areas of Vitiligo pigmentation
Skin graft re-colouration
Scar camouflage

Facial Feature Restoration
Partially missing or no eyebrows
Cleft lip
Missing lip vermillion

Manchester scar camouflage - microblading