‘There are a number of different skin, scalp or scar camouflage treatments that can help build confidence in appearance for those affected by hair loss or skin disorders.’


Alopecia is hair loss that occurs when a person’s immune system attacks their hair follicles. Where this has happened realistic brows can be created with medical tattooing giving the illusion of ultra fine hairs. If eyelashes have been lost a semi-permanent natural eyelash enhancement or fine eyeliner can give an amazing definition without the constant need to re-apply make-up. This treatment can restore confidence in their appearance for any female or male affected by this condition.

alopecia skin camouflage
vitiligo camouflage


This skin disorder can affect people of all ages and race. It is due to a deficiency in the melanocyte cells which produce pigment and give the skin it’s colour. Skin coloured pigments are blended and implanted into the hypo-pigmented skin, camouflaging the appearance of Vitiligo with excellent results. A medical tattooing treatment for people affected by this condition is only recommended for an area of Vitiligo that has been stable for at least 7 years. The disturbance of an unstable site can stimulate spread or new sites to establish.

Bupa and What that means for you:

Marcia Medical and Cosmetic offers specialized skin camouflage services for individuals dealing with alopecia and vitiligo. Our BUPA registration is a mark of our quality and dedication to providing professional care, ensuring clients that they are receiving the best possible support. We use dermatologically tested products to achieve natural-looking results, helping our clients to feel confident and empowered. The affiliation with BUPA underscores our commitment to high-quality care and can provide peace of mind for our clients, knowing that many of our services could be covered under their BUPA health plans, thereby making specialized care more accessible and supportive.