“Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical treatment used to treat hair loss for both male and female clients. It is an incredible life-changing treatment that is suitable for different stages of hair loss on all ages, colours and skin types and lasts up to 5 years.”

Scalp Micropigmentation

Two to three shades of pigment are implanted into the skin mimicking tiny hair follicles that give a realistic appearance. This can create the look of shaved head stubble or can add density into thinning hair as well as camouflaging scars and symptoms of alopecia.

Man in need of scalp micropigmentation treatment
man with male pattern hair loss manchester

‘Before I had scalp pigmentation I felt very self conscious about my hair line and crown. Even though I kept my hair as short as possible I didn’t feel it made a real difference. I was apprehensive about the procedure; I did not think it would have the desired effect. However what Marcia has achieved is subtle, natural, I can now have my hair at short stubble length instead of the razored look. The few people I have chosen to tell are very impressed as am I, I would highly recommend Marcia’.


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