‘MCA, Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation, also known as Dry Needling and Micro Needling, can help flatten, soften and relax scars whether they are a result of an accident, surgery or aging.’

scars & burns

Both scars and burns can be treated with MCA 12 months after the skin has healed. The results are often visible after the first treatment; great for restoring confidence in those whose appearance and moral have both been affected by scarring. MCA works by stimulating the collagen, elastin and melanin activity in your skin forcing it to repair itself naturally. Using skill the area is treated helping to blend the scar with the surrounding healthy skin. Re-pigmenting the scar and relaxing the taught tissue helps improve the overall appearance.

man with face burns. Scar camouflage
man face burns. Scar camouflage manchester

cleft lip

Medical micropigmentation can initially help flatten, relax and soften the scar that runs from the nose to the lip line using Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation. Following this stage, to improve the symmetry and shape of the Cupid’s bow and the lip line, natural coloured pigment is added to create a more even result for the client.

cleft lip scar camouflage manchester
cleft lip manchester scar camouflage

stretch marks

Medical micropigmentation is successful at softening the appearance of severe stretch marks. Though it will not make them disappear, they have a silvery sheen that is difficult to camouflage, this treatment can bring a huge improvement. Once the skin has been treated it will then be able to tan and re-pigment itself.


Bupa and our Assurances

Our scar treatment and camouflage services at Marcia Medical and Cosmetic leverage the latest techniques and technologies to improve the appearance of scars. Being registered with BUPA, we adhere to strict healthcare guidelines, ensuring our treatments are of the highest standard. This registration is a testament to our commitment to excellence and provides our clients with the assurance that they are in capable hands. For those covered by BUPA health plans, many of our services, including scar treatment and camouflage, may be eligible for coverage, making it easier for clients to access the care they need to feel confident in their skin.